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RawFusion Non-GMO Project Verified

By March 13, 2018Blog
Rawfusion Protein Bottles - Rawfusion Non-GMO Project verified

We’re proud to announce that all flavors of our RawFusion plant-based protein are now officially Non-GMO Project Verified.

RawFusion has always been dedicated to producing only the best and most delicious plant-based protein products, so we’ve taken every step possible to ensure premium quality throughout our production process. All products are vegan-approved, third-party gluten-free audited, NSF-GMP-certified, and packaged with 100% post-consumer recycled plastics, and now RawFusion protein is also Non-GMO Project Verified.

“We produce only plant-based products we use ourselves and are happy to share with family and friends, and we believe in full transparency of our ingredients,” says Jonathan Lawson, RawFusion’s E-Commerce Marketing Manager. “With our dedication to producing plant-based products that promote good health for our customers and sustainability for the environment, we want to ensure our customers know exactly what’s in their food.

GMOs have never been fully tested for human safety, and over 60 countries worldwide, including all of the European Union, have either restricted or fully banned GMOs. That’s why we’re proud to announce our Non-GMO Project third-party verification.

RawFusion protein is perfect for people from every walk of life, from athletes to time-constrained meal planners—both vegans and non-vegans alike. Made with only whole food, plant-based ingredients, you get premium-quality protein and balanced nutrition.

Now that RawFusion protein is Non-GMO Project Verified, you can also rest assured knowing that RawFusion protein is produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard, which includes ongoing testing of all major high-risk ingredients.

As a company, RawFusion is dedicated to providing bio-fermented plant-based nutritional products that have a positive effect on your health while promoting environmental sustainability through meticulous ingredient sourcing, producing, and packaging. We have always and will always go above and beyond to put your health and the health of our planet before profits.

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