At RAWFUSION®, our primary focus is changing the world by providing nutritionally functional food products that invigorate health while supporting the well-being of our planet. We go above and beyond to ensure that there is a minimal carbon foot print to our planet while sourcing, producing, and packaging every RAWFUSION® product. It is this utmost dedication and commitment to sustainability that is reflected in everything we do here at RAWFUSION®.


Beyond providing the highest quality products available, our daily mission at RAWFUSION® is to constantly strive for betterment through innovation and improvement one step at a time. As a company, and as people who care, we are determined to do our part to reduce carbon emissions, and this begins with the vetting of our raw materials, vendors, packaging suppliers, and even office supplies. Every aspect matters, and this is why RAWFUSION® pledges to manufacture all of our products exclusively through the use of solar energy by the end of 2016. Please join us in our mission and on our journey to sustainability and combating climate change.

Matt and Rawfusion product family - About Us


As a young amateur athlete in the 1980s, Matt Boldt’s daily diet often consisted of 20 egg whites, pounds of beef and chicken, several cups of brown rice, and loads of vegetables; adding up to a grand total of 5,000 calories per day.


It was this extreme, high-animal-protein/high-calorie diet that led to Matt’s eventual health problems such as adrenal fatigue, intestinal inflammation, and chronically low energy. Something was off, and he knew it. As the old axiom goes, “You are what you eat—or don’t,” and this holds true today more than ever. Matt was determined to get his health and energy back in order.

Rawfusion products and books - Our Mission

Leaving no stone unturned, Matt read every book on nutrition and researched every fad diet until he stumbled upon the tenants of veganism and the benefits of whole food nutrition that mandated the elimination of gluten and wheat. It was at this point when Matt discovered the real value of plant-based nutrition, alkaline-forming superfoods, and the reduction of dairy and gluten from his diet. This combination of knowledge and real-world results reinvigorated Matt’s health, energy, and stamina, along with his life-enhancing loss of 20 pounds of fat in the process.


Due to Matt’s hectic schedule of constant travel for worldwide business trips, running three successful companies, and the responsibilities of being a fulltime dad, the challenges were nearly impossible to keep up with. Topping that all off with the sourcing of fresh and nutrient-dense foods that were both clean and wholesome was time consuming and exhausting, but Matt knew there had to be a better way… So, using his decades of knowledge and success, he created it. Welcome to RAWFUSION®

Rawfusion product family - Our Mission