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Feel Alive: Plant-Based Diet for More Sex Drive

By September 6, 2018Blog

There’s no argument that a plant-based diet is beneficial to your overall health, but there’s one great side effect of healthy eating that should make everyone want to change the way they eat. To truly feel alive, eat a plant-based diet for more sex drive.

A typical plant-based diet gives you everything your body needs for a vibrant and healthy life along with all the built-in disease-fighting nutrients from whole foods. Plus, you generally find yourself in a better mood with loads of energy — the type of energy and mood that makes every part of your life better. For those already on the healthy path, you probably didn’t go with a vegan or mostly plant-based diet for more sex drive alone, but that positive side effect probably hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Why would being vegan or eating a plant-based diet have an effect your libido? Aside from meat-based diets making you feel lethargic, potentially clogging your arteries, and other potential negative effects, there’s a long list of reasons you should go with a plant-based diet for more sex drive.

  • Taste: We’re not just talking about the taste of food. A vegan/plant-based diet leads to fewer waste products in your body since you’re not dealing with as many toxins, and that means your skin, perspiration, and other bodily fluids take on a sweeter and more pleasant flavor.
  • Texture & Flavor: Yes, food texture and flavor can absolutely affect your sex drive. Sharing some sweet, juicy fruit as dessert with your partner is not only healthier than sugar-laden desserts, it’s also more sensual and can do a lot to alter your “mood.”
  • Energy: You won’t get a sugar crash since you’re not eating refined sugars, so you end up with more sustained energy and improved stamina for long nights together. Plus, when you don’t eat meat, you avoid the lethargic need-to-nap feelings that follow.
  • Softer Skin: All the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids from plant-based foods lead to less acne and skin roughness, leading to smoother, softer skin that’s more enticing and sensitive to touch.
  • No B.O.: As already mentioned, fewer toxins from your whole food diet mean fewer waste products, so you’re producing less body odor when you sweat and you won’t be masking your mate-enticing pheromones.
  • Clear Mind: When you’re on a healthy, non-processed, plant-based diet, you have more mental clarity and can focus on pleasurable experiences with your partner.
  • Mood: A healthy diet has countless health benefits, and when you feel healthy, you feel happy. A happy mood means less stress so you’re less preoccupied with other issues in life and can enjoy more intimacy more often.
  • Blood Flow: Vegan food choices are obviously good for your heart health because of beneficial fats and less artery-clogging bad cholesterol, and the increased blood flow is good for much more than just your heart. A lot of sexual dysfunction for both men and women is a result of restricted blood flow, so when you open up the blood flow, you’ll feel much more up to the task when things start heating up.
  • Healthier: The overall theme of is that you’re healthier and happier in everything you do. That goes for how you feel in the bedroom, and it also means that you simply feel better all the time. Less sickness from toxins, no bloated feelings or gas from hard-to-digest foods, and positive energy allow you to feel much more in tune with yourself and your partner.

Spread the word to your friends and family who struggle with their personal lives. Tell them to try a vegan or plant-based diet for more sex drive, and watch them come running to thank you for the life-changing advice.