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Earth Day 2018

By April 12, 2018Blog

Earth Day 2018 is fast approaching (Sunday, April 22), and that means it’s the perfect time to remind yourself of the importance of our planet’s health. We often talk about focusing on one’s personal health and well-being, but we take for granted that many people don’t automatically affiliate their own health with that of the world around us.

Just about everything you do has an effect on the earth. What you drive, what products you buy, and what foods you eat all have a direct or indirect impact on the planet. The same is true for things you don’t do… If you aren’t planting trees, gardening, or disposing of and reusing recyclable products properly, you’re contributing to the diminished health of our planet.

As Earth Day grows near, make it a point to get outside and soak up some spring weather and the beauty of nature waking up everywhere around you. While you’re enjoying everything that nature is giving to you, think of ways you can give back.

Remember that everything you buy, eat, and grow affects the environment as much as it affects you. And just because you’re eating a plant-based diet, don’t think you’re completely off the hook. Regular store-bought produce items have been showing up with more and more pesticides. Now more than ever, it’s best to shop for organic products or simply grow your own organic plants if you have the room in your yard.

So, what can you do to celebrate Earth Day? Here are a few simple suggestions:

Ways to celebrate Earth Day 2018

  • Ride a bike or walk instead of driving if possible
  • Get a stainless steel, aluminum, or glass water bottle and stop using plastic water bottles
  • Plant a something like a small tree, a bush, or some sort of fruit or vegetable you can enjoy later
  • Bring reusable bags when you go grocery shopping
  • Shop for organic and locally-grown foods whenever possible
  • Find out if the companies you buy from are doing what they can to help the environment (such as using post-consumer recycled packaging, using solar or other renewable power when/where possible, and keeping shipping impact at a minimum)
  • Spread the word to others and remind them of how important it is to care for the only planet we have to live on

Meanwhile, get outside, appreciate nature and earth in all their beauty, and take every action you can to take care of your own health while working to promote the health of your loved ones and the planet we all live on. Happy Earth Day 2018!

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