Sustainability by manufacturing through solar and recycled energy.

Packaging sourced from the most minimal CO2-impacting plastic, such as choosing the shortest travel distance from the manufacturer versus cheaper sources from overseas.

Plastic bottles that are sourced from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) rather than virgin HDPE plastic.

Packaging boxes that are sourced from 100% recycled cardboard.

Organic Ingredients: We do our very best to select only organic ingredients whenever possible; however, the cost for official certification remains cost prohibitive for the average small farmer. Because of this, some of our ingredients are organically grown, yet are not certified organic. At RAWFUSION® we believe in supporting the little guys.

Known food suppliers: We select ingredients from countries verified to have the least impact on CO2 emissions, such as Canada and Peru rather than China. Virtually all of our rice, artichoke, and pea protein is sourced from farmers and suppliers in Canada.

Non-GMO Project Verified products – third-party verification.

Gluten-free products – third-party verified.

No artificial dyes or colors.

No artificial flavors and sweeteners.


RAWFUSION® is the dream-turned-reality of nutrition-veteran Matt Boldt. Matt has been heavily involved in exercise science and nutrition since 1995, and he has formulated hundreds—if not thousands—of ground-breaking dietary supplements since becoming a nutrition and supplement innovator in 1996. Even with all of the success and accolades over the past 20+ years, Matt knew his calling went a bit deeper than just helping athletes excel…


Having discovered his true calling to help people attain optimal health while making the world a better place to live, Matt set out on a path to positively affect functional food, plant-based nutrition and superfood formulations for the better. It was Matt’s stubborn perseverance along with decades of research and practical field application studies that led to the birth of RAWFUSION®.

Rawfusion product lineup - bottles and bar