Sustainability by manufacturing through solar and recycled energy.

Packaging sourced from the least CO2-impacting plastic, such as choosing suppliers with the shortest travel distance over cheaper sources from overseas.

Plastic bottles sourced from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials rather than virgin HDPE plastic.

Packaging boxes sourced from 100% recycled cardboard.

Organic Ingredients: We do our very best to select only organic ingredients whenever possible; however, the cost for official certification remains cost prohibitive for small farmers. Therefore, some of our ingredients are organically grown but without certification. At RAWFUSION® we believe in supporting the little guys.

Known food suppliers: We select ingredients from countries verified to have the least impact on CO2 emissions, such as Canada and Peru rather than China. Virtually all our rice, artichoke, and pea proteins are sourced from farmers and suppliers in Canada.

Third-party non-GMO verified products.

Third-party verified gluten-free products.

No artificial dyes or colors.

No artificial flavors or sweeteners.

RAWFUSION® is more than just the ultimate source of plant-based protein. As a company, we’re dedicated to changing the world by providing nutritionally functional food products that invigorate health while supporting the well-being of our planet.


We believe it’s important to practice what we preach, so we go above and beyond to ensure there is a minimal carbon footprint to our planet through the sourcing, producing, and packaging of every RAWFUSION® product. It is this utmost dedication and commitment to sustainability that is reflected in everything we do here at RAWFUSION®.


Every member of the RAWFUSION® team is determined to do everything possible to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability. As a company, that process begins with the vetting of our raw materials, vendors, packaging suppliers, and even office supplies. Every aspect matters, and that’s why we ask you to join us on our journey toward long-term sustainability and combating climate change.